Personal Educational Philosophy 

Education stretches far beyond the brick-and-mortar institutions of learning. For this reason, as a fashion-world professional turned classroom connoisseur, I strive to use education as a platform for building the next generation of great thinkers and innovators. Education in my classroom is founded by a passion for knowledge, an undying curiosity fulfilled only by discovering the new and unusual, and a commitment to the awesome adventure that is unique to lifelong learning. In short, I strive to provide an everlasting education to the whole child.

My compassionate dedication to the success of every child helps build a visible rapport with students, creating lasting relationships and a tight sense of community. Through modeled behavior, guided practice, and supported independence, my students develop strong moral character and become active citizens in both their classroom and greater communities. Differentiated classroom management techniques and instructional activities, both of which rely on clearly defined expectations, regular routines and firm discipline, further enhance the learning environment. 

Additionally, because common courtesy, open-mindedness, and elements of social justice are integrated in daily instruction and interaction, students demonstrate tolerance, empathy, and patience as they begin to practice problem-solving strategies and are able to resolve conflicts in responsible, respectful ways. 

Education in my classroom isn’t presented as an alternate reality from a student’s everyday life, but rather is an extension of his/her own home, community, and world. A strong professional background in marketing and advertising allows me to do this easily by identifying the individual interests, wants, and needs of my students, and then designing a specially targeted learning experience, intended to create an attractive educational atmosphere that is both captivating and academically inspiring. 

Once developed, my classroom engages students in every aspect of the learning process; what we learn together is meaningful, relevant and appropriate for every student present. This intrinsically motivates students to become involved in and accountable for their own and the class’ success. It gives them a sense of ownership and responsibility.

I further add to the element of engagement by ensuring my teaching methods target multiple intelligences, different learning styles and the various levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Thinking critically as creative individuals—not only cognitively, but on affective and psychomotor domains as well—is the goal.

Because I pride myself on constantly growing my own mind, I also take pleasure in developing my instructional practices; information is constantly changing—there is no reason our classrooms and lessons shouldn’t change with it! For this reason, I eagerly participate in professional development opportunities and implement new and exciting (results-driven) teaching methods. 

An essential element in this process has been collaboration with faculty and staff. Exploring the innovations of educational technology, great collaborative/cooperative learning programs, and differentiated instructional techniques for students with special needs are just a few of the many exciting practices I’ve put to use in the classroom with the help of suggestions, advice, and feedback from colleagues. Furthermore, working with administration has provided the support needed to provide an equitable education for every child, while addressing and meeting Common Core assessment standards and achieving academic excellence. 

My Buzzwords


Global Citizenship, Responsibility, Activism


Awareness, Focus, Kindness


Empathy, Honesty, Tolerance

Classroom Management

Respect, Relationships, Routine

Early Childhood Development

Modeled Expectations, Fine- & Gross-Motor Movement, Social & Emotional Exploration

Progressive Ideals

Inquiry, Investigation, Innovation

Child-Centered Instruction

Play- and Project-Based Learning, Guided Independence, Intrinsic Engagement

Whole-Child Focus

Opportunity, Equity, Connection

Cooperative Learning

Teamwork, Collaboration, Flexible Thinking


Personalized Learning, Multiple Intelligence, Integration & Inclusion

Educational Technology

Digital Literacy, Ownership & Accountability, Distance Learning

Academic Achievement & Success

Growth Mindset, Perseverance, Reflection




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