Education at a Glance

Grade 1 Lead Teacher - Arlington, VA

     Drew Model Elementary School

Grade 1 Lead Teacher - Washington, D.C.

     Early Childhood Academy Public Charter School

Kindergarten Lead Teacher - Washington, D.C.

     Early Childhood Academy Public Charter School

Kindergarten Lead Teacher - Washington, D.C.

     William E. Doar, Jr. PCS for the Performing Arts

Kindergarten Co-Teacher – New York, NY

     P.S. 150, The TriBeCa Learning Center

Grade 5 Student Teacher – New York, NY

     P.S. 150, The TriBeCa Learning Center

Grade 2 Student Teacher – New York, NY

     P.S. 150, The TriBeCa Learning Center

Volunteer Classroom Aide – New York, NY

     P.S. 150, The TriBeCa Learning Center

Volunteer Classroom Aide – New York, NY 

     P.S. 140, Nathan Straus

Volunteer Classroom Aide – New York, NY

     L.R.E.I., Little Red School House Elizabeth Irwin 

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The Professional Educator

While pursuing my Master’s degree, I devoted my time to the elementary classrooms of New York City, ranging from an elite private institution to a high-needs urban public school. My professional role began as a kindergarten co-teacher at a National Blue Ribbon School, PS150, in lower Manhattan. It has since grown to include lead teaching positions at two Title I charter schools in Washington, D.C.; the first a diverse, PK-8 performing arts school, followed by an excellent PK-3 early-child focused school in southeast. Nearly 6 years later, I am now approaching tenure within the Arlington Public Schools system, where I have been teaching first grade at Drew Model.

Below are a just a few of the things that get me excited about education:

  • SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT THROUGH MINDFULNESS  Grades within the early-childhood realm (PK-2) are just as much about socialization and emotional regulation as they are academic instruction. In my classroom, we foster social & emotional development through daily mindfulness practices, opportunities to learn through play, and character education. We also build and maintain meaningful relationships with the local community, so students build a sense of responsibility and activism.
  • PBL & COOPERATIVE LEARNING Using strategies from the Kagan Cooperative Learning model, my students work collaboratively on a daily basis. Through peer interactions and team building, they are able to solve problems, organize thoughts and ideas, discuss class topics, and create uniquely thought-driven projects. Because they develop a strong sense of self and are able to communicate clearly, many of our learning opportunities come from their thoughts and ideas. Our classroom uses Project-Based Learning as a means of driving home deep understanding, high-level & critical thinking, and problem solving behavior. We learn through play and inquiry, and become experts through investigation and innovation.
  • EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY Technology is the gateway to the future, and the current youth generation is saturated with digital technology. For this reason, it's imperative that students understand how to use technology properly and critically, especially in an educational setting; technology for technology's sake has no place in the classroom. My students use technology as a means of differentiation, additional support and practice, and for creation & innovation. Currently, we use Seesaw, an educational blog app, to document, reflect and share our learning. Instead of traditional homework, students login to ST Math and RAZ-Kids, where their daily progress is automatically tracked, charted, and shared with teachers and parents. The kids love using ClassDojo to track their progress - I love it as a means of classroom management and parent contact! We've also turned Twitter into an interactive literacy tool and connection between our school and community. The New York Times featured my first class' success with this project on the educational blog, SchoolBook..   

Unique Professional Experience

My career history is uniquely diverse, as I worked in a number of positions before entering the field of education. In early 2008, I was offered an international teaching position with the French Ministry of Education, but instead moved to southern California, where I did graphic design and web optimization for a telecommunications company in Los Angeles. Shortly after, I was approached by BCBGMAXAZRIAGROUP, Inc. and accepted a position at their headquarters in Vernon, CA. From mid 2008 to 2010, I worked as one of two Senior members of the Editorial Advertising and Marketing team. Once deciding to leave the fashion industry, I moved to New York City and began applying to graduate schools. To help supplement my income while receiving my Master's and volunteering at numerous NYC elementary schools, I worked part-time as a barista/manager of The Grey Dog

Although I consider education to be my true passion and professional calling, I will always be grateful for my previous endeavors. Not only was I afforded unique experiences and opportunities while working with these companies, I also developed an amazing network of long-term friends and supporters. Further, this diverse professional background paired with a love of international study and travel have given me a fresh take on teaching, and further enhance my impact on the educational atmosphere, both in and out of the classroom.

Please see the PDF file below for the most recent version of my Professional Educator's Resume. 

*For additional information regarding references and/or letters of recommendation, as well as data, work samples, evaluations, and/or action research findings,

please send inquiries to the email address provided on the Contact Info page.

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